February 23, 2018

Weekly Update – 10/14 – 10/17

This week we have been working on our CYOA’s, choose your own adventure stories, which are due on the 24th of this upcoming week. We as well have our world religion brochures due on the 24th of this month as well. In the upcoming week we have speeches. They are spread out through the week, Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday. We have a religion field trip on the 23rd, Wednesday. Our class has been getting along and we are having tons of fun with our teacher, Mrs. Hubler, and our class.

The biggest thing that we did this week was our religion field trip. We went to a Buddhist temple and learned about who and what they believe in. We went and learned about the Islamic faith. Shariar, our ‘tour guide’, told us about his family and to get good grades and about the Islamic faith, such as what they believe in and who they believe in. Last we went to a Jewish church. We learned about their bible, the Torah, and if you dropped it, you would have to fast for 40 days. We had a great time.

By: Maddison Freeman


Victoria Hubler About Victoria Hubler

Mrs. Hubler LOVES Corbett Schools and she is beyond passionate about middle schoolers too! Mrs. Hubler lives in Hood River, a quick 45 minute drive up the gorge, with her husband and two young children. She loves running, mountain biking, skiing, and surfing... if it's outside, it's on the list!