February 19, 2018

Time is Flying!

Here is a break down of what your student should be talking to you about when you ask them about school:

The Choose Your Own Adventure deadline was Thursday, October 17.  We worked on these for six weeks, and will spend next week binding our story together with their art work and cover.  Students will be sharing their story  to a crowd of their peers on October 31.  Have them practice reading their story to you at home a few times before the 31st.  If you do it this weekend, they will have time to make final revisions.  Parents, you are a big help in this process!

Students are being quizzed for their knowledge of Western European Geography every Thursday for three weeks.  They get three tries.  The first try 90% passes, the second 95%, and the third attempt requires 100%.  Your student has everything they need to prepare for this.

Finally, students are giving their world religions speeches on Monday and Tuesday.  A three to five minute speech will be prepared.  I encouraged students to arrange with me a visual aid to accompany their speech.  If this is done well, my expectations for the length of the speech will be 2 1/2 minutes.  We will practice a few times in the morning, but all students should already be prepared.

Reading should be happening at school and at home.  The book that your student is reading at school should be going home.  They should read for a half hour a night and an hour over the weekend.  The chapter book, along with their math book, should always be brought in their back pack to and from school.

We are heading to a Buddhist temple and Greek Orthodox church this Wednesday to hear about these religions.  Then we are going to eat at Hodas in NE Portland to eat.  Yay!  Half the M.S. went last week and said they had a blast!  I cannot wait.

Hopefully, I will remember to have a student update next week.  Thanks for being involved and thanks for reading!

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