February 21, 2018

Outdoor School is Coming Up!

Beginning on November 3rd, Corbett School’s 6th graders will attend a full week of Outdoor School.  Once again, in order to ensure that every 6th grade student may participate, the cost of this program is covered completely by Corbett School District and hours of fundraising efforts by dedicated community members.  Due to the severe cuts in the state of Oregon’s education budget in recent years, most of Multnomah County has cut back or eliminated this important program. In fact, the equivalent of only six public school classrooms in Multnomah Country will attend the traditional week of ODS this year.

Sixth grade students from both CAPS and Corbett Middle School will depart from in front of the Middle School on Sunday, November 3th, and return on Friday, November 8th. At camps Sandy River and Howard, students will enjoy a week of environmental studies in an outdoor setting, surrounded by highly-qualified and caring adult field instructors, program directors, and high school student leaders.

If you are the parent / guardian of a Corbett 6th grader, please be sure that your 6th grade student’s paperwork has been returned to school, and contact Mr. Lutes or Mrs. Church at the Middle School for more information.

About Carrie Church

Carrie Church loves teaching at Corbett Middle School. She has taught kids from pre-kindergarten through middle school, in almost all imaginable combinations. Before moving her family to Corbett, Carrie has lived in Alaska, Indiana, Michigan, and northern Italy. Carrie still loves to travel to new places and learn new things, and especially loves teaching science. She has three kids who attend Corbett School, goats and chickens, too much garden, and an indulgent husband.