February 23, 2018

Chicken Kabobs + Jeopardy + CYOA = Week 9! by Daphne Scott

Our class this week has had a lot of fun! We’ve gone on field trips and played our Religion Jeopardy game.  On our field trip, we visited a Buddhist temple, marveled at a beautiful Greek Orthodox church and ate Lunch at a restaurant called Hodas in southeast Portland. At Hodas we were given hummus and pita bread to start with, then dove into Lebanese salad and rice! Our main course was chicken kabobs and falafel. They gave us lots of extra rice and pita bread to eat since we are the average american porkers. I personally liked the chicken kabobs the best. After our lunch we were given 20% off coupons for the next time we go with our families. If you didn’t get one then your child either forgot to give it to you or didn’t care about your budget. Hoda cow! That was a really good restaurant!

We’ve also been studying Western Europe this week and have been testing to see if we can name all of the countries and their capitals. So far five people have passed from last weeks try and this week’s are being graded. We all have tried are hardest to pass with a 95% or higher this week and if we didn’t pass then we have one more chance next week to get a 100%.

This week we have also finished and bound our Choose Your Own Adventure stories. We are hopefully sharing our stories today, mine was a very good one and I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone and hopefully partially scaring them. 🙂 In our stories, there are different ways you can go and you have to choose the adventure for yourself in order to make the best out of it. In some of our stories, you actually end up dying on most of the choices. I know it’s that way with mine. We have spent 6 hard working weeks to get these stories together and so far they are looking good. It looks like our extension of the due date has actually contributed to the quality of our stories. I’m very happy to have that and now our stories are done.

We also did speeches this week too, so we’ve actually had a lot to do this week and have gotten it all done. I’m happy this week went well. It was really productive.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ~Daphne


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