January 21, 2018

Weekly Update – 10/21 – 10/24

Hello everyone and welcome back to Ms. Hubler’s class! This week our class worked on finalizing their Choose Your Own Adventure stories, finished our religion brochures, practiced improvisational speeches, started European geography, and went on a field trip. All the students should be presenting their CYOA’s to another class next week. In our religion brochures students should have three different religions, or one religion and three topics in that religion. Half the class so far has practiced giving a improv speech to the entire class. Every kid gets a randomly selected topic and has 20 minutes to write a speech on it. Students are scored by the class, not the teacher. This allows students to practice grading and watching for little details to give them an idea on the religion speeches next week. Also, we have just dived into European geography. All students have to learn the capitals and locations of these countries. We’ve watched an interesting video on the history of european countries, dating back a thousand years ago. The class found this interesting and thought it was cool. On Wednesday the whole school went on a field trip to study world religions. Ms. Hubler’s class went to a Greek Orthodox church and afterward went to lunch at Hoda’s, a restaurant that specializes in Middle Eastern food. The restaurant was a huge hit to everyone. Afterwards, we went to a Buddhist temple and learned all about Buddhism.

By: Haley Mulvihill

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