February 19, 2018

Week 10 was Awesome!~Christian King

This week, the eighth graders took the PPSAT test. The six graders watched a video clip about the midle ages,  and the 7th graders rocked hard with the teachers, ate donuts while on a field trip to SCRAP and Tidal Wave.  All of the 7th graders got to go to SCRAP to buy materials for our medieval guilds, and bought a book for  our class room from Tidal Wave.

We broke off into medieval groups called manors and got new identities.  My identity is Percival, knight of Meadow Brook.  We negotiated a feudal contract with our lords and watched a video on the fall of the Roman Empire, which was cool.  We also learned about feudalism, vassels, lords and last but not least “ha.ha.ha” serfs/peasants.   Now today we are finishing up on the super quiz and most of us are going to read to another class our Choose Your own Adventure novels and all that stuff.   That be all for week ten everybody.

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