January 17, 2018

Middle School Math Team Takes First Place!

Once again, Corbett Middle School sent three teams to the Math Is Cool competition, in Vancouver WA.  And once again they brought home the gold!  Errr…the faux gold-plated plaques.

After spending four weeks giving up their lunch break to practice, two teams of 7th graders and one team of 8th graders were ready.  They gathered in the middle school commons on Friday to wait for the bus.  With some time to kill, they turned on the karaoke machine and played not-so-silent ball, duct-taped numbers (1/12, X squared, infinity…) to the back of their team t-shirts, and sharpened about a hundred pencils.  Finally, the bus arrived, taking them to Skyview High School, where the students took individual tests, team tests, mental math tests, and competed in the ‘College Bowl’ round.  They also demolished seven pizzas, 12 oatmeal cookies, one bag of chips, and 48 Jolly Ranchers.

The rmathesults came back…in 1st place in the 7th grade division: Corbett Middle School!  In 1st place for the 8th grade division: Corbet Middle School!  Two of our students also won individual awards; JoJo Croak won 4th place, and Victor Yang won 2nd place overall.  Great work, everyone!

6th graders–you’re next.  The 6th grade competition is usually in February, so start thinking about it!



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Mr. Houck teaches in the middle school. He thinks it's the greatest place to be. Born and raised in Oregon, he enjoys camping, fishing, soccer and good food. He loves his wife, his baby boy, his work, and his friends!