February 18, 2018

The Middle Ages Unit has Begun!

We have started our Middle ages unit, which includes a simulation, large project, and a Medieval Celebration on Tuesday, December 17th. I am posting the requirements for the Middle Ages Project.

King Lutes’ Medieval Era Unit



You are expected to participate in a classroom simulation in which you take on various roles of people from medieval times. The unit is made up of six basic phases: feudalism, manorialism, knighthood, monasteries, crusades, and guilds. Most activities and assignments will be completed in class so attendance is essential.


Expert Project


You will select a topic within the Middle Ages that you will research extensively and become an expert on. By the end of the unit, you should know more about this topic than anyone in the room! You will present your extensive knowledge in all of the following formats:

  • Essay on topic
    • 2 pages minimum
    • 12 point font, Times New Roman
    • Shared in Google Docs with me
  • Works Cited page
    • Minimum 5 sources (at least 2 books)
    • Properly formatted
  • Speech to the class
    • 3-5 minutes
    • Must include a visual element (slideshow, handout, animation, etc…)
  • 3D creation
    • Should show learning
    • Should be authentic
    • Should be carefully constructed
    • Must include a museum-quality placard, explaining the significance of the object


Group Presentation

You must work in a small group (3-5 members, unless otherwise approved by your King) on a presentation that will either be shared with the class, or shared with the community at the Medieval Festival.


Festival & Pageant


You must contribute in some way to the festival, held Tuesday evening, December 17:

  • Create a visual for the Medieval museum
  • Work the guild fair
  • Serve at the banquet
  • Take part in a fashion show, performance or skit during the pageant (see above)
  • Recite a memorized ballad, poem, or dramatic piece (see above)
  • Play an instrument during the banquet (see above)


Most of all, have fun, learn something interesting, and avoid the bubonic plague!!!

I, ________________________________________________________,

do hereby agree to complete the above listed tasks by the listed dates mutually agreed upon between myself and King Lutes. I will use any and all scheduled work time at school to further my progress on these tasks. I will complete what work I am not able to finish during school time on my own time in order to meet these deadlines.


I will notify King Lutes of any requests to change this schedule as soon as I know there is a need and will not be allowed to ask for deadline extensions on the date that a task is due.


Signed ___________________________ on this ______ Day of November, 2013.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
no school 11/12 11/13 11/14 11/15
11/18 11/19 11/20 11/21


no school
11/25 11/26 11/27
Essay Rough Drafts Due




no school


12/2 12/3
12/4 12/5
Essay Final Drafts Due


Visuals Due

no school






no school

Group presentations due (if not performing at festival)



Medieval Festival



Final Exam


Feudal Farthing Auction


M.P. and the H.G.


winter break!




Topic Ideas


Choose your topics wisely. Make sure you pick something you are interested in. Remember, your essay, speech and 3D creation will all be based on the same topic; you should choose something else to work on for your group presentation.


  • Castle life
  • Siege warfare
  • Monastery life
  • Religion
  • Crusades
  • Knights
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Feudalism
  • Castle defenses
  • Holidays
  • Jousting
  • Tournaments
  • Women in Medieval society
  • Codes of chivalry
  • Marketplaces
  • Guilds
  • Armor
  • Weapons
  • Heraldry
  • Torture devices
  • Medieval London
  • Crime and punishment
  • Medicine
  • Chaucer/Canterbury Tales
  • Diseases/plagues
  • Peasant life
  • Kings/lords
  • Music
  • Entertainment/jesters
  • Animals
  • Hunting
  • Falconry
  • Farming/agriculture
  • Castle construction
  • Medieval art
  • Architecture
  • Education/schools










Middle Ages Unit Score Sheet Name:



Ideas & Content:



Word Choice:

Sentence Fluency:


Total: /3o



Ideas & Content:





Total: /20

3D Creation:




Total: /10


Works Cited List:




Total: /10


Group Presentation:




Total: /20



Festival Contribution: /10



Total: /100





About Brian Lutes

Brian Lutes is a veteran Corbett teacher who loves his job. His favorite thing about working at Corbett Middle School is that he gets to have students for three years. This allows for strong relationships and great memories. He also loves his wife, twin daughters, parents, chihuahuas, and being in the outdoors.