February 19, 2018

Week 12 by Kohl

Hey, this is Kohl Cutler tuning you in on what we did this week in Mr. Leone’s class.  We started off the week with assigning our Medieval topics for our project. Ask your student about this huge project.  We will be working on it until Christmas break (it is also posted on this blog).  There are some really good topics like Medieval torture, Hunting, Food , Knights, Siege Weapons and so much more.  Who wouldn’t want to learn about that?!

We also started creating our own Manors, you know with the usual stuff such as a Chapel, Barns, Grain patches, Windmills to grind the grain, Huts for the Serfs and so much more. I have to say the Woodfield manor is probably the best one!!

We are also reading a book about Medieval times called Crispin by Avi. To top all of it off,  we learned how to write a work cited bibliography and how to do a thesis statement for our research essay.   We were given a small pice of paper with a topic on it such as Balloons and we had to write a thesis statement on the topic that we received. And that is all we did this week, we hope to have just another fun filled next week. This Kohl Cutler saying see ya!!!

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