January 21, 2018

Weekly Update – 11/12 – 11/15

  This week, in Mrs. Hubler’s class, we have been working and learning all about the middle ages. We are currently in a middle ages simulation where the students take on a role and create their own kingdom with their manor group. In their groups they have a lord, A vassal, two serfs, and free man. They are all enjoying this very much but at the same time they are still learning all about this time ara. Another thing we have been working on is the prologue to Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. It contains Old English and the students have been trying very much memorize this poem. Today (November 15) they were supposed to be done with the first eight lines out of eighteen but it is still a work in progress. We have also just started learning about cells and their different parts and functions. Soon we will be creating cells but we still have to learn a little bit more about them before we can start making those. To summarize what I just said, we have a lot to do this year and everyone is working very hard and getting it all done!

By: Jeremy Johansen


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Mrs. Hubler LOVES Corbett Schools and she is beyond passionate about middle schoolers too! Mrs. Hubler lives in Hood River, a quick 45 minute drive up the gorge, with her husband and two young children. She loves running, mountain biking, skiing, and surfing... if it's outside, it's on the list!