February 23, 2018

CHAMPS Wreath Project

Parents of CHS Seniors, parents of CHS Juniors, and anyone else who wants to help!

Next weekend is our big wreath-making project. Remember, this is our biggest fundraiser, and we make around $7,000. If we can pull this off, we won’t need to do a whole lot more for the rest of the year. If everyone can pitch in some time, then it should go smoothly without burning anyone out. We will not be able to finish all 350 wreaths and fulfill all orders unless we have a lot of people helping. We encourage parents of CHS Juniors to come learn the ropes–this will be you next year!

Because of the volume of wreaths we need to make this year, set-up & prep will take place on Friday night at the Corbett Grade School Cafeteria. A group will be there around 5:15 to get the floor & tables ready and pre-clip the greenery to help make the process go faster on the weekend. (Note: We will not be doing a potluck on Friday.) If you are unable to make it on Saturday or Sunday but can volunteer Friday night for a few hours, we can use your help! We are in need of tarps & plastic table cloths; if you have any we can use, please drop them off Friday, if possible, even if you can’t stay to help.

Wreath assembly will take place on Saturday & Sunday, November 23 & 24, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Corbett Grade School cafeteria. If you can’t come for the entire time, please come for whatever amount of time your schedule allows. Sunday afternoon is the hardest to staff, but it is really important to have a good group of volunteers who can stick around for the clean-up, which is a big job. Bring the following if you can:

Tarps ( in case we didn’t get enough Friday night)
Clippers (must be labeled to ensure their return to you)
Wire cutters (again, please label them!)
Work gloves
Latex gloves for handling holly
JUNIPER branches (as of now, we have none)
HOLLY (red berries are a plus!)

Saturday Only: Please bring a potluck dish/snack to share & utensils (labeled!)

Have questions? Please contact Karmen @ 503-310-7507. Thanks so much, and we hope to see you this coming weekend!

Pam Lees
CHAMPS Email Coordinator

P.S. If you are a parent of a senior and have not been getting emails regarding the Senior All-Night Party and Graduation, please email me at pnlees@msn.com so I can get you on the group email list.

About Vanessa Knight

Vanessa Knight has worked for Corbett School District since 2011. She is currently a teacher on special assignment working as a college coach and as the district's communication coordinator. She lives in Corbett with her three sons.