January 22, 2018

5 hours and 10 minutes…by Jakob Cunningham

SO FAR, WE HAVE HAD 5 HOURS AND 10 MINUTES  AT SCHOOL TO RESEARCH OUR SPECIALTY TOPIC FOR MEDIEVAL STUDIES…One could argue that is enough time to get it down with no homework.  The rough draft is due this Wednesday, November 27.  Also, there is a copy of the Medieval assignment AKA Medieval Contract on this website.  There is a post with Medieval assignment as it’s title

Wow, its already week thirteen, can you believe it?

This week we have gone over knights and heraldry. We were tasked with creating are own coat of arms, a coat of arms is the way, knights were identified. This symbol was displayed on the shield. We also learned about cells, particularly the difference between plant and animal cells. These will all be on the super quiz, I would suggest talking to your child about the difference.

We have also been, working on our “Expert” project. We have had 5 hours and ten minute to research are topic. We do have a deadline creeping close, Wednesday is the deadline for our rough draft essay on are specialty topic. The essay should be a minimum of 3 pages and a maximum of 5. You should check in and see that your child is meeting this deadline. A book should be checked out from a library on your child’s topic.

This week we also, Have been trying to gain the title of knight. We do this by accomplishing three tasks.

1. something brave and honorable

2. something kind and courteous

3. help  the weak and defenseless

If a student does not complete these task in some unique way, they must type a one page essay on knighthood.

Fun fact: Animal cells have a cell membrane, and no cell wall. Plants have a cell membrane and a cell wall, this is why plants are rigid and immobile.

Fun fact: Plants are green because there cells have an organelle called chloroplast, chloroplast are green and Are the organelle of photosynthesis.

This has been a great week in Leone`s class!!!

By Jakob .p. Worley Cunningham

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