January 17, 2018

week 15 by ~FRITZ~

Week 15 was a great week! As you know we have been studying The Middle ages for a long time.  This week our main focus was monks and monasteries. We learned about how peaceful a Monastery is and got to experience it ourselves. Mr. Leone rearranged the classroom and made it look like a Monastery. As a classroom we did the everyday life of a Monk. In addition to the Middle ages studies we had quite a few due dates this week. On thursday, classmates were required to turn their essay in or it was considered late.  Along with your work cited and visual.

Next week Monday through Wednesday  Classmates are delivering a three minute speech about their Middle ages topic. Also, December 17 is our medieval banquet. The medieval banquet is from 4:30 to 7:30. Everyone is asked to attend.

For a couple weeks Mr.Leone has been reading aloud the book Crispin By: Avi. This week we have figured a big piece of information out of the book that should lead to a good ending. The book is based back in The middle ages, and overall a good book.  Over all week 15 was a great week!!!

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