February 23, 2018

December 10th Post

Hello Everyone,

Here is an update on things we’ve been working on.  In language — my younger learners are continuing to  work on letter identification, and sound identification.  Additionally, they continue to work  on writing letters legibly.  The more advanced groups continue to work on reading and spelling words that follow phonemic rules.  This means they are learning how vowels blend together.  They also work on sight words.  This is our letter land program, and I am really pleased with the results I am seeing.  After finishing up a unit on imaginative writing — many of the students worked on writing”how to” paragraphs with transition words (such as:  first, next, now, and finally).  They have also worked on writing sentences that contain an apostrophe to show ownership.

In math — my level 2 group has been working on addition, subtraction, probability, telling time to five-minute intervals, as well as counting coins over the last few weeks.  Additionally, we continue to practice story problems.  During the past two school days — I had the students work through problems that included “extra facts”  they don’t need when trying to solve problems.

We have begun studying about natural resources of the Columbia River Gorge in December.  Prior to that — we spent a couple of weeks studying about pilgrims.  We also talked about things we were thankful for.  Additionally, we did an art project where students created snowflakes and then wrote down things they were thankful for on the snowflakes.

Thank you,

Mr. Lewis