February 19, 2018

Week 16 by Chyanne Marble

This week we had a snow day and a two hour delay!  This meant that we had to do the rest of the speeches that were supposed to go on Tuesday on Wednesday.  And the kids who hadn’t gone yet went on thursday, and they shared their visuals, wich were great!

We also learned about the crusades.  Christians waged a holy war with Muslims over Jerusalem.  It was cruel, violent and unnecessary.

We learned more vocabulary, we’re almost to one hundred. OH! and don’t forget the Medieval banquet is on Tuesday, the seventeenth from 4:30 to 7:30.  Make sure you come, it’s going to be great!  If you are doing a catapult, get it done soon deadlines coming up.  I’m pretty sure who ever is doing one will want to shoot a pig’s head. If you don’t have your group project done yet, this weekend is the time to do it.  Unless you are baking something, their due on monday, hurry hurry rush rush!

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