February 20, 2018

Week of December 16th

I wish you a restful and joyful winter break. Perhaps we’ll have some white stuff to enjoy!

Thank you to everyone who helped out with our gingerbread houses. We worked with our buddies on Monday and created some fantastic buildings and landscaping. We appreciate those who baked the gingerbread, those who built the structures, those who sent in goodies and supplies, those who mixed up the frosting and sorted the candies, and those who helped our artists during the creative process. Thanks to all – truly a team effort!

Most, but not all of the students just finished up a round of reading groups. We have also investigated plenty of informational books to help us with our own writing. Please be sure to keep reading over the vacation! Also remember to study and learn the newest list of spelling words; the test will be on Tuesday, January 7th.

As I mentioned before, students are each writing an informational piece on a topic he/she knows a lot about. Though each is an expert in the field, there are facts or details that still need to be researched. Everyone needs to discover those interesting tidbits within the next two weeks, so they can be added to the drafts in January. We should have final copies of the informational books finished by the middle of the month.

We just finished our landforms unit, which concluded with several activities about topographical maps. That leads quite nicely into our study of maps, which comes up next. I have asked the students to investigate the types of maps that your family uses. If you are traveling over the break, please have your child help with the navigation!

Some folks have specific Saxon lessons or other math homework to complete. Everyone should visit http://winterchallenge.gregtangmath.com/   and complete the activities on the gameboard (which was sent home yesterday). When finished, parents may enter their children in the drawing for autographed Greg Tang books. The math practice is  both beneficial and fun, even if you don’t enter the drawing.

Remember to contact me if your child would like to join one of our Corbett math teams. I need to register in mid-January, so must know the members before that.

I hope that you received and read the plea for art materials that was sent home earlier this week. Here is a summary of needed items:

  • white cotton sheets or pillowcases
  • buttons and sewing trims
  • boxes
  • cardboard tubes (toilet paper and paper towel)
  • any other materials you think we could use to create our own buildings

Please send in anything on the list that is just gathering dust at your house.

I’m glad to report that my husband has recovered from his third surgery in the space of three weeks. He is finally free of kidney stones. Now he just needs to stay that way!

 Happy Holidays to All!

Susan Handy


  • December 20th-January 5th – Winter Break
  • Monday, January 20th – MLK Holiday
  • Friday, January 24th –  School Day
  • Monday, February 17th – Presidents’ Day Holiday
  • Friday, February 21st – School Day
  • March 21st-30th – Spring Break
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