February 20, 2018

Welcome 2014!

Welcome back, preschool families!

Hope you are all having a wonderful beginning to the new year, I know I’m refreshed and ready for an awesome 2014.  Already it feels like everyone grew up so much over break!  We have some exciting things in store for our preschool crew this spring, wahoo!

Now that we’re all back in the swing of things, I want to let all the full day and PM families know that there’s a new snack sign up to take us all the way to spring break.  Please keep these snacks healthy and nut-free.  We’ve also gotten a little behind on our sharing schedule, so we’re starting fresh!  We usually have the first Monday and third Thursday of each month designated as sharing days.  January’s been a little funky with the break, so we’ll have Monday, January 13 be our official first sharing day of the new year, and Thursday, January 23 for the January schedule.  I’ll send out reminder emails Sunday morning just to be sure.  We will return to our usual posted schedule in February.

We also have been letting the kids choose when they’re ready to upgrade their morning sign-in cards.  Our new cards don’t have any letters to trace, just letters to reference, which is much more challenging.  It will take several weeks for kids to get used to our new cards, we’re encouraging them to do as much as they can without getting frustrated!  Preschoolers are welcome to take their old sign in card home when they choose to upgrade.  Now they can practice at home if they choose!  We’ve found that dry erase markers and magic erasers are the perfect combination for using and re-using the sign in cards.

Last but not least, we are looking for a few volunteers to coordinate our Valentines Sock Hop/potluck, as well as our end of the year “camp out” (where we set up tents and play camping in the yard for the afternoon…maybe this year we’ll have enough sun for solar oven s’mores).  Email Tiffany if you’re interested!

Thanks, and happy new year!

-Ms. Tiffany

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