February 20, 2018

First Week Back

Hello Everyone,

I hope that winter is treating you well.  During our first week back — we’ve studied about salad greens.  The students created a salad with paper to end our study on Thursday.  Some things they learned about salad greens are that they contain some important vitamins (like A, K and C).  Vitamin K they learned helps our bodies control bleeding (blood clotting).  The students learned that vitamin A strengthens our heart, lungs and other organs.

During the past week I read a couple of books by Jacquline Jules from her series Zapato Power.  The students seemed to greatly enjoy the stories about a kid with amazing shoes!  My math students have begun studying geometric shapes as well some other concepts we’ve been working on for a while (counting coins, telling time and story problems).  Recently they’ve studied these fact families: 11,4,7; 9,5,4 and 9,6,3.

Many of the students wrote “how to” pieces during the past week.

Thank you,

Mr. Lewis