February 21, 2018

Research With a Capital R

January 16th Newsletter


Dear Families,


Yesterday we had a presenter from Multnomah County Library’s School Corps come in and give a presentation about using the internet for research. She opened the presentation with discussing the importance of research. It’s a big word. I’m pleased that our students begin their long and complicated relationship with Research as a third grader, and not because they’ll be married to Research for a big chunk of their lives, but the act of researching is at the very foundation of learning. Yes, it wholeheartedly deserves a capital letter.


When we want to gain information about a particular topic, we have many options, the most popular of which being the world wide web. It’s a big world out there. It’s world wide after all. Just imagine when it’s universe wide. Woah. Anyway, we have already used technology to learn about a ridiculous number of topics this year. Jackie from School Corps helped us to better understand how the Multnomah County Library can help us in our learning. The libraries have adapted and Multnomah County Library has done so beautifully. Students had the opportunity to use the website to find information about natural landmarks like mountains or canyons. Jackie showed us how to filter our search and find images, videos, audio clips, books, magazine articles, and more. Their website, https://multcolib.org/, is amazing at helping us finding the information that we need in a pretty simple format. It can be way more than just looking for a book. Furthermore, students can use their online Homework Center for help as well by going to https://multcolib.org/homework-center.


This may seem like a plug for the library, and it is. Of course I have to offer a disclaimer; my mom has been a librarian for most of her life so I’m very in tune with the stereotype of silence and the need for organization, especially of coupons and recipes that were constantly being clipped. (Yes Mom, I’m doing good and I’ll call you this weekend). Corbett is this amazing town in so many ways. Its strength is the opportunity to reside in a beautiful rural setting where one can get the feeling that you are out there, but it still maintains easy access to an urban area. With that urban area comes an amazing library network. I was surprised at the number of kids that raised their hands when I asked, “Who goes to the library? Who has a library card?” Frankly, I was hoping it would be more.


If you’re reading this post and don’t have a library card, I urge you to get one. The benefits are undeniable and while you may feel that they’re not quickly evident, the library card will help the relationship with Research, and thus learning, flourish.


Enjoy the long weekend,

Mr. B

Here’s the application for MCL:

Multnomah County Library card application_SchoolCorps

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