February 21, 2018

Week of January 13th

Most students need more time to finish up their informational books, so we will continue to work on them next week. Some students want to type their chapters and others need to print them off from their electronic gizmos. If you don’t have printing capabilities, please e-mail me what needs to be printed, and I will do it at school.

Final copies need to be completed next week, so that text, drawings, pictures, maps, etc. can be glued in the proper places and books totally finished by Friday, January 24th. We will share them with you in February, though I have not yet pinned down the exact date of the end-of-the-trimester celebration.

We have  worked hard this week to research places around the world. Using atlases and geographical resource books, students used sets of clues to identify important places around the world. Today, we once again used Google Earth to unearth answers to a scavenger hunt developed by Mr. Barnard. We have become quite the world travelers!

Our next project involves each student choosing a geological wonder located somewhere in the world. Students will research their chosen spot, create a poster with text, pictures, drawings, and a map, and then present a speech to their classmates. Sites may be caves, volcanoes or other mountains, lakes, waterfalls, etc. Please don’t pick an obscure place, but rather some place that people like to visit, as information needs to be readily available.

Ms. Jackie Partch from the Multnomah County Library School Corps visited us this week and gave some tips on using library resources to make research more fun and efficient. It  would be helpful if all students had a library card in order to take advantage of the wealth of material that is available. Let me know if you need an application for one.

A couple of items have become distractions over the last few weeks, and I would appreciate your help in keeping them at home. Many kids have been playing with fingerboards rather than focusing on the task at hand and some kids are doing the same with rubber band bracelets. I certainly don’t mind the rubber band bracelets or necklaces; the problem arises when students are playing with them instead of wearing them. Please check with your child to see if this has been an issue with him/her. If it has been, I recommend that the items stay at home. Thanks!

I am registering our math teams tomorrow afternoon. There is still one spot available on the fifth grade team and we need two third or fourth graders to fill out the two fourth grade teams. Please let me know right away if your child wants to snag one of the spots!


  • Monday, January 20th – MLK Holiday
  • Friday, January 24th –  School Day
  • Monday, February 17th – Presidents’ Day Holiday
  • Friday, February 21st – School Day
  • March 21st-30th – Spring Break
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