February 19, 2018

Our Own AAA Travel Guide

We successfully finished our All About/How To research papers. I’m really pleased with the outcome, the hard work that the students put into them, and the different styles of writing that came out during the writing process. The papers have been binded and are displayed on our Writer’s Workshop wall. Check them out next time you’re in the school.

Next up on the writing docket is a unique opportunity to create a travel guide to a natural landmark from somewhere throughout the world. This week, students will watch a slideshow of 30 natural landmarks located around the world. Students will then select a natural landmark that is of interest to them, spend a significant chunk of time researching that natural landmark, and will create a travel guide that includes different information about the landmark including history, geography, interesting facts, nearby restaurants and hotels, activities, etc.

Last week, we spent our time in writing looking at different travel guides and looking at important information that is included in travel guides online. We also practiced writing our own travel guides about Smith Rock, one of the destinations that we went to on our Journey through Time Field Study in September.

We’re looking forward to this new writing project that will take us to right around the end of February.

~Mr. B

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