February 18, 2018

week 25 by Emily Halen

Week 25   By: Emily Halen

This week , we learned all about the Endocrine System. We reviewed it by playing Endocrine System jeopardy!  We also did an awesome art project called cubist art. Its like Picasso art. What we did was take a piece of paper that had art from the renaissance and made it into a picture that looks completely different. Lots of people enjoyed that.

This week we also learned more about our Renaissance topics. A lot of people are learning about another persons renaissance topics too! There are many  things we do for the Renaissance, but one of the things we do is book groups. The book groups met up twice this week. Another thing we do for the renaissance is a group lesson. Thats when we get together in a group and talk about our renaissance topics in front of the class for twenty five minutes.

That covers it all for this week. From the Endocrine System, to Cubist art to the Renaissance, we learned a lot!

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