February 21, 2018

Puppies and pajamas and pancakes, oh my!

Preschoolers had a pancake and pajama party to celebrate Peter Puppy’s week this week.  Hooray for the letter “p!”  Who knew it was such a fun letter?!  All good things start with “p,” like pajamas…

…porcupines (pink and purple ones of course!  Great idea, Ellie!)…

…the post office…


…and all the pancake and piggy books you can imagine!  We also made butter by shake-shake-shaking some heavy whipping cream.  We had to add a heavy (clean!) marble to each jar to really get them going.



Hope you all had a wonderful “p” week too.  Was yours filled with pizza?  And puzzles?  And paragliding?!


Your Friends,

Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Nikki


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