February 19, 2018

Shakespeare, Sonnets, and Make Lemonade! Parker

Week twenty-six in Leone’s classroom went by fast. We learned about William Shakespeare, Sonnets, and we even started two different read-alouds. We moved onto Smiles to Go, Mr. Leone chose to dump that one because it was about splitting molecules and nobody was really into that book so we then moved onto a book called Make Lemonade. Everybody seems to like Make Lemonade so we are still reading it.

Our Renaissance group projects were due today and my group still needs some more time.  We are teaching the class a half-hour lesson on famous people we researched.  Our group all relates to Politics and Government.  I’m sure that some other groups need more time also. During our Renaissance fair on March 19,  everybody will have a small speech to say to littler kids who come up to them during the fair. Mr. Leone calls it a wax museum but I don’t know what that is so I just call it a fair.

We are also studying the Circulatory system (also known as the Cardiovascular system). We had to draw our own heart and label the parts of our heart and take notes and then at the end of the week we played Circulatory system jeopardy which was fun. Then to round off the week we took our super quiz and free read.

By: Parker Mayhew

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