February 22, 2018

Week of March 3rd

Today marked the 100th day of school, and we enjoyed cheering for the primary kids as they paraded around the school. Lots of excitement in the air!

We began the new term with another art rotation. As you may remember, each of the intermediate teachers is introducing an artist and guiding the students in a project or two in the style of that artist. In keeping with our geography theme, we have focused on artists from around the world. Kids are not only creating art, but they are also recording information about each of the ten artists in an accordion-type book that they will share with you in May at Portfolio Night.

We also began a new unit in writing – opinion, or persuasive writing. Yesterday, our class presented Mrs. Hanes with some compelling reasons to add some more equipment for p.e. and recess time. Today, we walked around the campus, looking for other possible problems to solve. I have asked the kids to also think of other areas at home, in the community, or even in the world that they feel strongly about. Next week, they will quick-write a new article each day. On Thursday, they will each choose one of the entries to develop more fully in the coming weeks.

Recently, we have been reading a variety of informational books about the geological history of the earth, rocks, fossils, and dinosaurs. Today, we watched the first part of an interview with Paul Gignac, a crocodile and dinosaur paleontologist. We were not able to view it all, so you may want to visit http://www.jason.org/live so your child may see and hear the rest. Other featured past events include interviews with an archaeologist, a video game designer, an ocean engineer, and many other folks in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers.

Remember to change your clocks this weekend. Spring forward!


  • Wednesday, March 12th – Progress Reports sent home
  • March 21st-30th – Spring Break
  • Week of April 28th – 5 DAY SCHOOL WEEK
  • Friday, May 2nd – Sternwheeler Trip
  • Monday, May 26th – Memorial Day Holiday
  • Wednesday, May 28th – Portfolio Night
  • Friday, May 30th – Last day of school (Half day)
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