February 19, 2018

CAPS 8th Graders go to Mexico!

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Guanajuato Mexico is a beautiful colonial city located on the high central plateau of Mexico. The city was built by the Spanish with the wealth they gained from silver in the surrounding mountains. Some facts about Guanajuato:
• The city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
• It is the sister city of Ashland, Oregon
• There are over 20 museums and at least 3 major theaters
• The University of Guanajuato attracts students from all over the world
• Some of the best examples of colonial Spanish architecture are found here
• Diego Rivera was born here and his childhood home is now a museum of his work
Nine 8th grade students spent a week exploring the city, studying at a language school, and living and eating with local families. I am so proud of them! They were awesome travelers with positive attitudes and were willing to try new things and explore. We visited art museums, went to the symphony, shopped at the ‘mercado’, explored the 12 themed gardens of an ex-hacienda, enjoyed fresh roasted coffee and delicious hot chocolate at Café Tal, and much more!
This is a new tradition in the making – thanks to our intrepid 8th grade pioneers. A perfect culmination of studies at the Corbett Arts Program with Spanish is to visit a beautiful Spanish speaking city that is dedicated to the arts and Cervantes (famous Spanish author and contemporary of Shakespeare).

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