January 21, 2018

Room 12 News – April 3, 2014

Welcome back from Spring Break!  It is hard to believe that the time is so short before the end of the school year.  This week we started a new science unit – Simple Machines.  Simple machines are non-motorized devices that do work.  Work is where something moves.  We have learned about how work is measured and the different types of machines:  levers, wheels, incline planes, wedges, screws, and pulleys.  This unit will help kids kids during our Rube Goldberg Challenge during the last two weeks of May.

Another new exploration will be the Ice Age Floods.  We are using the book, Terra Tempo to guide our journey.  This graphic novel was actually written by folks from Portland.  We are looking carefully at each chapter and the information that it tells us about the floods.  This unit will help us as we learn important vocabulary and evidence of the floods.

Kids are still working on writing opinion pieces.  They were asked to come up with a topic that they have a strong opinion about.  They wrote a thesis statement and provided at least three reasons that support their opinion or two reasons and acknowledge the counter claim.  Kids are expected to really examine their writing carefully for spelling, punctuation, and capitalization.  This, along with making sure the reasons that support their opinion are important and make sense.

Study the States is something that we have been doing for a couple of weeks.  Kids will be responsible for learning where each state is located and the correct spelling.  We are giving lots of different opportunities to learn this information and beginning next week students will have states as their spelling words.

We have also been continuing talking about being kind, productive, and safe throughout their school day.  We have had some issues with kindness and productivity lately.  The next few weeks kids will have a lot of classroom responsibility to complete assignments and to stay on task.

Upcoming Events (and there are A LOT)                                                                                                                                       Monday, April 7 – Thursday, April 10 – Art Rotation 1:50 pm – 2:50 pm                                                                          Tuesday, April 8 – PTA Jog-a-Thon during our PE (11:15 am – 11:45 am) Volunteers needed.                                                  Thursday, April 10 – Exploring the Evidence Field Study Parent Meeting  4 pm                                                                            Thursday, April 17 – ECO (outside work – dress for weather)                                                                                                                 Tuesday, April 22 – Funky Monkey Evening Program 6:30 pm                                                                                                             Wednesday, April 23 – Dental Jeopardy                                                                                                                                                      Tuesday, April 29 – ECO (outside work – dress for weather)                                                                                                              Tuesday, April 29 – 3rd Grade Music Program 6:30 pm                                                                                                           Friday, May 2 – SCHOOL DAY!   Sternwheeler Field Trip                                                                                                               Tuesday, May 13 – Thursday, May 15 – Exploring the Evidence Field Study                                                                    Monday, May 26 – Memorial Day – NO SCHOOL                                                                                                                                   Friday, May 30 – LAST DAY!!  Rube Goldberg Challenge Final Event



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My husband and I have lived in Corbett since 1983 and I have taught at Corbett Grade School since 1994. Chris and I loved having our children grow up in the community of Corbett. They both received a great education and made many life long friends while attending school here. Both Steph and Joe graduated from Corbett. Joe is a graduate of Oregon State University and Steph has graduated from Linfield College and completed her MBA at University of Tennessee. Chris and I are extremely proud of our children! Both are enjoying life and share our love of nature.

"If a child is to keep his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in." ~Rachel Carson