February 19, 2018

Week 31 by Lauren!

This week in Leone’s class my favorite part was the book we are reading The Fault in Our Stars. It is the BEST book ever. You feel like your in the book and thats amazing. As amazing as having cancer can be.  Still fun though.

We also learned about the digestive system.We learned about the diseases and disorders. We also learned about how you process food which is complicated.

We are working on After poems. That is where you take someones poem, change words and make it your own. But it has to connect to something in your life witch is kind of hard. But it is still really fun to do. You can write about anything. What you ate for lunch, how your dog died or how you are lonely. I don’t think the last things a good idea though.

There is a final on our 100 vocabulary word soon.  So, we are making a comic strip using tall tale topics and adding at least 10 words in it. Its fun to make. The hard part is that you have to explain what the words mean without getting too boring.

Thats all, until next week…..


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