January 21, 2018

A New Addition to CAPS!

Spring has sprung and we have some new members to the CAPS team!  The honeybees have arrived!  Ryan Lieuallen, commercial beekeeper and brother of K-2 teacher, Jessica Lieuallen, donated two healthy hives and all the necessary equipment.  Our little insects will help pollinate our garden and will also offer us sweet honey in August.


Did you know that 1/3 of what we eat is pollinated by honeybees?  Think of all the fruits, vegetables, and nuts that you eat…they are most likely pollinated by these amazing creatures!  By having the honeybees in our garden, it will allow our crops to yield 1/5 more fruits and vegetables than without those little pollinators.  These little bees can travel up to 5 miles, so they most likely will pollinate the community gardens as well!


CAPS students will do all of the honey extracting come fall.  We will be borrowing a vintage extractor from The Eatons. Students will get a chance to help with the process and we hope to be able to sell the honey at our market in the fall.


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