February 20, 2018

Room 12 News: Sept. 22 – 25

Room 12 News:  

Reading:  We are beginning our BOOK SHARES.  These are like advertisements for books.  Kids are asked to provide a teaser of a book that they would recommend to friends.  They need to be sure not to “give away” too much.  They are also to ask others for their impression of the book and include that as well.  Having kids talk about and share what they enjoy reading is a great way to help other kids find books to read.   I am continuing to complete Running Records on each child.  This will be our baseline for their reading level.

Math:  It was nice to have four full days of math last week.  Next week, students will only be required to complete three lessons due to our final field study for the trimester.  Again, if you haven’t heard from your child’s math teacher, please let me know.

Writing:  We began our new unit of study in writing – Realistic Fiction.  During this past week, we learned about professional authors find their ideas by looking carefully at the world around them.  We talked about how writers use their imaginations to look into everyday moments and see the possibilities.  They are busy collecting ideas for stories!  We also began the work of developing characters in our realistic fictional stories.

Gorge Studies:  It was exciting this week to find out our roles in our clan.  Each student reached into a cedar basket and pulled out a role such as:  craftsmen, gatherer, elder, hunter, or our chief.    Kids then selected a meaning for a tribal name and then they learned the native name.   We also explored the importance of cedar in the lives of the First People.  We looked at the roles that we held in the clan and how cedar would have been used in our lives.  Next week we will building our plank houses.  We are in need of small gravel, moss, tiny pinecones, and anything else that the kids think they could use on their models.

Important Dates:

  • Monday, September 29 – 4 pm – Author visit -Peg Willis, Building the Columbia River Highway:  They Said it Couldn’t be Done
  • Tuesday,September 30th – ECO (Wear outside work clothes.)
  • Wednesday, October 1st – Trip to Discovery Center and Petroglyphs ( 8:00 am -3:00 pm)
  • Tuesday, October 7th – Picture Day
  • Tuesday, October 12th, and Wednesday, October 13th – Conferences
  • Tuesday, October 14th – ECO (Wear outside work clothes.)




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My husband and I have lived in Corbett since 1983 and I have taught at Corbett Grade School since 1994. Chris and I loved having our children grow up in the community of Corbett. They both received a great education and made many life long friends while attending school here. Both Steph and Joe graduated from Corbett. Joe is a graduate of Oregon State University and Steph has graduated from Linfield College and completed her MBA at University of Tennessee. Chris and I are extremely proud of our children! Both are enjoying life and share our love of nature.

"If a child is to keep his inborn sense of wonder, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement, and mystery of the world we live in." ~Rachel Carson