February 21, 2018

Room 12 News – November 2, 2014

Well three days at school without a voice this week was certainly a challenge! The kids did great and were very helpful.  I have been resting most of the weekend and now have my voice back.  Unfortunately, I  will be out of school on Wednesday and Thursday.  Lucky me…jury duty for Multnomah County.  Trudy DeMott will be our substitute and is looking forward to spending a couple of days with these kiddos!   

Reading:  Our new read aloud is the book, Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. During our read aloud we will give a close look at the characters in the story, the plot of the story, and the many themes presented by the author.  We will talk about the vocabulary used and how her careful selection of words helps draw the reader into the story.

Critical vocabulary that kids will be learning about for their reading this week will be:  analyze, cite, compare, and contrast.
Writing:  This past week we learned about two important steps when writing:  revision and editing.  Revision is “seeing again.”  Looking closely at their piece for ARMS:  add (details, senses, or description), remove (sentences or words that don’t fit), move (sentences or words that work better in another place), and substitute (boring words to more exciting ones).   We reviewed what to look for when editing our writing.  Thinking about CUPS – Capitals, Usage (grammar), Punctuation, and Spelling.  This will be our final week on realistic fiction.  Everyone should have at least one piece published.
Word Study:  We are slowing getting this routine down.  Most kids have five High Frequency words to learn AT HOME.  They were given the five words to copy and take home on Thursday.  Sadly, I did notice that  some kids neglected to take them home.  They were still in their mailboxes for home on Friday morning. Assessments for high frequency words are given on Wednesdays.  
Some kids do not have high frequency words.  We are still testing them on the 300 words (they more than likely spelled the first 200 accurately).  We will give them the next set of words this week.  If a student can spell all three hundred high frequency words correctly they will NOT have five words to study at home.
Words that are studied at school this week are attached to this email.  Your child should know which group there are in.  Each group has a particular rule or pattern to learn for the week.  I have listed the pattern or rule at the top of the list.  These words are sorted and studied at school each week.  Assessments are given on Thursdays.  My hope is to correct and send home that day, but sometimes it will not be until Monday when assessments are returned.
Gorge Studies:  On Monday we will have one last session to finish the Chinook Books.  Each student will look over their book and make sure that all parts have been completed.  Students will also be given a short assessment on the past few weeks of our unit.  The results will be listed on their November progress report. Thanks again to everyone that helped out with our celebration.
Our next unit of study will be learning about the journey of Lewis and Clark and their Corps of Discovery.   These two men had quite a challenge to find a waterway passage out to the west.  Students will learn how their vision, determination, and meticulousness helped the change our country.
Early School Closure Forms:  Ten students still have not returned their Early School Closure forms.  I sent home forms during conferences and again last week.  I will send you an email if you have NOT returned your form.  Each student needs to have a signed form on file.  
Monday, November 10 at 2 pm:  We would to invite a few Veteran’s in to show our appreciation and to hear a story or two.  If you or someone you know would be willing to come and talk with our class, but email me.  
Tuesday, November 11 – NO SCHOOL
Picture Retakes:  Retakes will be on Wednesday, November 12.  If you are unsatisfied with your first pictures or didn’t order the first time…here is your chance.
Pinocchio Play:  Wednesday, November 12 we will be traveling to MHCC to watch the play with our buddy class.  We will leave right after snack and return in time for lunch!
Friday, November 14 – SCHOOL DAY
Thursday, November 20 – Last day of trimester
Friday, November 21 – Assessment Day
Thursday, November 27 – NO SCHOOL Thanksgiving
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