February 21, 2018

Working Our Way Through Ancient Egypt

Your student has been working their way through the first big project of the year. This project includes an informative essay with a works cited page, a visual, a group project, and a speech. We have spent several hours of class time working on these items. Below is the syllabus for this unit.


Ancient Egypt Unit! 

In this unit you will be expected to complete four different tasks about a variety of topics associated with Ancient Egypt. It is important that you plan and use your time wisely as you will only have four and a half weeks to complete all work. This unit is intended to help you learn and understand about many aspects of Ancient Egypt and to have fun doing so. Good research, many notes, citing sources, organization, and creativity will all help to make your projects stand out in quality and educational value. Some points to keep in mind:

  • Keep track of all the sources you use. You must cite your sources in a comprehensive bibliography.
  • Organize your work. Some notes may be useful for more than one project, so do not throw anything away until the end of the unit.
  • Get an idea of the projects that you think you would like to do. Plan to budget your time in order to complete them all. You may choose to use two days on one and six on another; just don’t wait until the last minute – time flies!
  • Choose group members carefully. Take into account the strengths and weaknesses of your partners. Make sure you have partners who will do their part.
  • All work will be evaluated based on the thoroughness of research, accuracy, presentation (neatness, organization, creativity), and your demonstrated understanding of the topic.
  • Have fun and get creative!

Keep track of your projects and your time. Use the guide below and on the next page to keep track of your progress. You must choose a main topic, which can be somewhat broad. For example, you can research pyramids, or Hatshepsut, or farming, or slavery, or mummies, etc. This topic will be the bulk of your learning, and will be the basis of your essay and speech. The other two projects will be from the five Ancient Civ. topics listed in this packet.

_______ Main topic essay (E). Your essay will be scored using the scoring guide. Your paper must be between 2-3 pages – typed, double-spaced, size 12 font, Times New Roman. A rough draft (typed or handwritten) must accompany the final draft.

_______ Main topic speech (S). Your speech must be a minimum of three minutes in length. It will be evaluated using the speaking scoring guide. It should include a visual of some kind, such as a PowerPoint, a poster, a costume, or a 3-D object. You are also required to turn in an outline of your speech, such as notecards.

_______Visual (V). This may be a model, diorama, painting, sculpture, photo essay, brochure or other visual. It will be scored based on ideas and content, organization, visual appeal, and creativity.

_______Group project (G). This may be a play, song, movie, game, lesson, or other project. Come to me with special requests. Groups should be between 3-5 people. It will be scored according to a group project rubric.

_______ A comprehensive (covers all projects) works cited.

Topic: #1-#5 Code: E, S, V, G, Choice Project description and group members, if any Your due date



Thurs. 12/11



Mon. 12/15 – Wed. 12/17




Mon. 12/8
Works Cited Page Thurs. 12/11
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