Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Feb. 5

February 17, 2018

Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Wold Feb. 5

     All of the Wild Things had a great week.  As you know, the music program was spectacular.  It was so fun to see the kids proudly singing, dancing and performing.  Thank you for being a part of that fun night.

     This week we learned about germs.  At first the kids thought it was just a health lesson, but as the week progressed, they found out that it was actually a continuation of our study of the impact that newcomers had on the native populations.  We made paper germ characters, played a glitter game in which germs transferred from one person to another and played another game where we learned about negative effects resulting from native people meeting migrants.  As you’ll remember, we talked about the benefits of this contact last week, so it was nice to present a balance.  The culmination of our study this week was a mural that presented visually the percentage of native people who perished as a result of new diseases being introduced.

     Next Thursday is our Valentine Exchange.  Please remember that if your child can read all of the names, they should address their valentines to classmates.  However, if your child can not read all of the names, they should not address them.  Instead, they should just sign their own name.

     Class lists were sent home on the back of the paper copy of this newsletter.


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Kristin Wold About Kristin Wold

This is my 28th year teaching in Corbett. I am incredibly fortunate to have brilliant, energetic colleagues; creative, supportive administrators; and parents who over-whelmingly love partnering with the school to make the best possible opportunities for their kids. I have a great job.
Professionally, my passion is working with emergent readers. I strongly believe that our first priority in teaching reading is to get kids to love books. We need to introduce them to authors and topics they’ll love so they’ll seek out reading for pleasure.
Personally, I have been married for 30 years and have a 16-year-old daughter who attends Corbett. I enjoy traveling, hiking in the gorge, and studying Japanese.