February 21, 2018

Middle Distance Running Clinic for Middle and High School Athletes

As middle and high school coaches, we often do not have time to address fundamental running mechanics because of the number of athletes that need our attention and the short timeline to the start of competition. In my clinic I invite a small number of athletes to work with me to understand the “why” form highly influences function and why failure to address issues such as core strength result in pain and injury. I will offer two clinics in December and hope to present two in January and February. The class is limited to 12 athletes. The cost is $10. To enroll send me an email at oregonmedman@aol.com.
“Keep running with a smile”-Coach D

Middle Distance Clinic

About Vanessa Knight

Vanessa Knight has worked for Corbett School District since 2011. She is currently a teacher on special assignment working as a college coach and as the district's communication coordinator. She lives in Corbett with her three sons.