February 19, 2018

Publishing Opportunities for Cardinal 3

Alrighty… I sent a message home in your fall progress reports about the importance of getting started on the publishing component of your Cardinal 3 sooner rather than later.  There is no better time than the present!  Today will be yesterday tomorrow!

As I said yesterday, we will all take part in the Letters About Literature contest – this is one of my favorites and I’m so excited that we will be able to do it again this year!  But you will want to take advantage of every publishing opportunity imaginable.*  For most of these links, you will need to write, edit, and polish something new.  For some, you will need to write something in a particular genre or on a particular subject. For some, you have to be 13… for others you can be in 6th grade.  They are all different so please choose carefully and find something that works for YOU!

If you need (or want) to write something new, I’ll gladly help you edit and revise.  If you want to use one of your memoir chapters or another writing piece from this year, I’ll gladly help you polish it.  What I won’t do is make time for EVERY SINGLE ONE of these opportunities; that’s on you 🙂

*8th graders: your writing will be published in a Corbett Middle School Anthology but I still STRONGLY encourage you to try one of these other opportunities.

Links: Go HERE and click on the links that look interesting to you!

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