February 19, 2018

2015 Winter Break Homework :)


Winter break is only two days away.  I think we’re already for a change in our routines and some down time.  That being said, I want to keep students engaged and thinking, so I’m sending them away with some work to do!
While we wrap up our unit on Westward Expansion, students have begun working on a very special writing assignment for a national contest – Letters About Literature.  This contest challenges students to craft a letter to the author of one of their favorite books detailing how that book has changed them or their perspective on life.  Students have already started these letters and, in most cases, should not need to do much beyond editing and revising to make sure their message is clear and concise.  Some have struggled to choose or book or define how they have responded to a book.  If your student is one of these, they will certainly benefit from a conversation with you about how the book made them feel and think, and how those thoughts are different from ones they had prior to reading the book.  A rough draft of this letter is due on Monday, January 4th.
Santa Trani will be coming around to deliver a special gift to every student in the district (K-8) on Thursday.  In an effort to encourage students to read those books, I’ve assigned a creative “report” of sorts in the form of an pretend Instagram account for the main character.  The details for the assignment are outlined in the attached document and students were REALLY excited about this project when I presented it!  The FINAL product is due on Monday, January 4th.
This last one is for 8th graders ONLY.  8th grade speeches are just around the corner and I really want students to have the opportunity to workshop and practice their speeches this year!  In an effort to push them forward, I’ve assigned a rough draft of their 8th grade speech, due Monday, January 4th.  Speeches should be focused on a lesson (or lessons) learned during their time in Corbett Middle School and be three to five minutes in length.
One extra note for 8th graders – students are expected to have a proposal for their Cardinal Three service project by January 18th.  If you haven’t already done so, now would be a great time to help your student brainstorm a project that they are truly passionate about.
I hope you and your family have a great break!  Thank you for your continued support for all the hard work happening here at CMS!
Victoria Hubler
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Mrs. Hubler LOVES Corbett Schools and she is beyond passionate about middle schoolers too! Mrs. Hubler lives in Hood River, a quick 45 minute drive up the gorge, with her husband and two young children. She loves running, mountain biking, skiing, and surfing... if it's outside, it's on the list!