February 21, 2018

Civil War Project Summary by Gavin Bogden

Civil War Project

By Gavin Bogden of Mr. Lutes’ class

Over the last couple of weeks, Mr. Lutes class and many other classes have been studying about the Civil War this project is called the Civil War Sim. This project involves us writing papers and presenting speeches with the knowledge we have gained over the weeks. We still have a little bit left to go in the Civil War simulation and because of the fact that  spring break right around the corner the teachers will be treating us by showing us Glory, a movie about slavery and the Civil War. We also have to do a skit about our book group book for the Civil War Variety Show.        

About Brian Lutes

Brian Lutes is a veteran Corbett teacher who loves his job. His favorite thing about working at Corbett Middle School is that he gets to have students for three years. This allows for strong relationships and great memories. He also loves his wife, twin daughters, parents, chihuahuas, and being in the outdoors.