February 21, 2018

Classroom Update by Cami Fouch

Corbett Middle School Crash Course Assignment

By Cami Fouch


This year, the Corbett Middle School is doing a Crash Course! A crash course is where you choose a historical, modern, or scientific topic and do a 6-10 minute video about it with a partner. These are scored by the rubric based off of John Green’s Crash Course videos. It is a fun assignment for kids who are good at technology stuff, as it might          require filming, sound effects, video editing, and maybe a fun intro video! Students are required to make a video and share it with the class, or perform it live to the class if recording is not available. It is also fun because we are able to choose our partners and it is really great to do an assignment with your best friend!

Students of Corbett are also writing a script for their video and turning it in for their writing sample for trimester 3. Much research and brainstorming is needed to gather information for the script. Some topic options are World War 1, The Great Depression, History of Video Games, Art Movements and Trends, Rock & Roll Music, and many other fun topics! It is a great chance for students to geek out and have fun with an assignment!

About Brian Lutes

Brian Lutes is a veteran Corbett teacher who loves his job. His favorite thing about working at Corbett Middle School is that he gets to have students for three years. This allows for strong relationships and great memories. He also loves his wife, twin daughters, parents, chihuahuas, and being in the outdoors.