February 24, 2018

Email week 1

Whew! What a week! Your students have been working hard to learn the new routines and procedures. We have talked about class jobs, the library system, buddy reading, recess rules, and so much more!

Students have made a classroom contract signing it with a sharpie self portrait, and they have worked on decorating their “Take Home Folders” with cut outs from magazines and original art designs.

We have learned all about taking turns at studio time, and have had the opportunity to explore with building tools, interact using imaginative play, create works of art with watercolors, among many other stations.

Students have done a goal setting writing activity, have attended music and spanish classes, and have also had a fun P.E time. We have also enjoyed many read alouds with some first of the year favorites!

There are a few important items to go over:
Rain Boots- Please send a pair of rainboots for your child to keep at school. These will be for garden time!

Volunteer Meeting- If you are interested in helping in the classroom, we will be holding a meeting on 9/20 after school. More details to follow. Mark your calendars!!

Studio Showcase- If you are interested in helping us with a studio station (i.e. if you are a dancer, artist, or hobbyist of any kind), you are welcome to share your skill with the class and hold a center during studio time teaching small groups about your hobby or skill. Just let us know and we will get you in!

Food Rules- Please only pack healthy, nutritious food! Please no candy, cake or soda.

Picture Day- Sept. 21st

Electronic Communication System Account- Please make sure you have signed the student agreement.

Scholastic Orders- Please send in your orders by Sept. 12th. Kids will put them in the turn in basket. CODE: M8ZQD

Attached is our schedule. It does change on occasion, but this will give you an idea of what our day looks like.

Also attached is our Classroom Handbook. This is very detailed but should answer many questions.

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