February 20, 2018

Week 3 email


Week 3 complete! We have been introducing Salmon to the kiddos via discussion, books and short videos. In October we will be bringing salmon eggs into the classroom and the kids will be taking care of them throughout the year and then release them in the spring. So exciting!

In writing we have started on personal narratives. The students are asked to write about small moments in their lives. At home you can help them come up with more writing topics by helping them recall fun moments. Help them stay focused on one topic and give you details.

In Reading we are working on building good reading habits. Talk to them about taking a “sneak peek” at the beginning of their book and what that looks like, and ask them about what they do at the end. We have also talked about setting reading goals that are attainable, and of course rereading our books to find more details that we missed the first time!

Now for the business end:

Field Trip slips are going out today. It is one slip for all field trips. Please return this ASAP with the money. Students will turn these into the turn in baskets. This slip is where you can show interest in chaperoning, but please be sure you have all the necessary paperwork filled out. We always do our best to make sure all that want to go, can. However sometimes it is not possible.

Volunteer meeting: September 20th, 3:45pm. Beehive Classroom.

Show and Tell Schedule is attached! Please note your child’s day.

Picture Day: Sept. 21st. Please send in the form ASAP. You may order online up to 48 hours after picture day. Order at mylifetouch.com Picture Day ID: FO736055Q0

Paperwork: Please make sure to send in your Emergency transportation form, End of the Day transportation, and technology agreement. This is mandatory and we are still missing some!

As always, please do not hesitate to contact us! Thank you.

Ms. L and Ms. B

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