February 24, 2018

Dancing Cell Reproduction, Research, and more

What a great week. During morning meeting today, everyone in my class performed dances they choreographed to illustrate the stages of mitosis in front of the entire school. This will count as a performance for their CAPStone expectations if they do a reflection on the experience for their portfolio. They also used this week to narrow and share their preliminary research about world religions and received their assignment packets for the world religion project. Furthermore, they conducted research for an on-demand argument they will be writing next week on the topic of high school sports. Argumentative writing will be a year-long focus, each time culminating with on-demand essays.

I think the most fulfilling part of this week was sharing our poems patterned after Billy Collins’ poem “Dharma.” Students are taking creative risks and stretching themselves by attempting to write with new vocabulary and fearlessly describing vivid scenes. It’s wonderful to witness, for sure.

I am attaching this week’s super quiz for posterity.september-29-2016mitosis

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