February 22, 2018

Week 6 Zach Chatterton

Week six seemed like a slower week coming back from a field trip the week before. We went to a field trip in Salem to study religion and water where we went to churches and took tests on a lake. My favorite part of the field trip was when we had free time and we got to shoot baskets and play around by the lake. We were on a huge camp called Camp Tadmore that had a bunch of things to do there.

This week we did more on religion by studying Buddhism. This is the fourth religion that we have studied. We also worked on scene three of our short story. A polished version of our scene 3 is due today (10/6) In this scene we should move the story along. To go with the story we are making artwork out of charcoal. Mine is the story of 300 reindeer before they were killed by a lightning bolt.

Something called Young me Now me was due this week where you have a picture of you when you were young and you try to recreate it as best as you can as you now. Mine was a picture of me when I was four with my family and I. Thats about it for this week in Leone’s class.

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