February 24, 2018


Hey everyone this is Conner.

Just a reminder, everyones rough draft for their short story is due today (10/20) so turn that in to Mister Leone lets just make his job a little bit easier for him okay so he doesn’t say no more mister nice guy.

And this week I’m updating the blog. So let’s get down to business. On monday 10/17/16 for the daily free write we wrote about how you would like to become a success, we also got started on scene five for our short stories, for the cover art we made collages, we had a baked cod for lunch it was pretty good well thats my opinion at least.

On tuesday 10/18/16 our daily free write’s topic was what makes you happy, we also started making a ¬†religions slideshow in groups of two.

On Wednesday 10/19/16 we did our daily free write on what makes us sad, we also finished M.P.H.F.P.C on wednesday yay. On Thursday we didn’t really have a free write we had a map of western Europe test, also we started a new book called THE PLAGUE so far it is very interesting, we also started a religions jeopardy, we will also will be handing in the rough drafts to our short story, and this is the last school day this week because Corbett is completely and totally awesome because we get fridays off. This is Conner Doney signing off.

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