February 19, 2018

This Weeks’ News by Aiden, Alexa, and Olivia

Dear Families,

I asked some students in the class to collaborate and write this week’s newsletter. Enjoy!

Mr. B

This Weeks’ News

By: Aiden, Alexa, and Olivia

Edited by: Mr. B

Social Studies

For the past week we have been studying the U.S government and the parties such as Democratic, Republican, and Green. We are going to do an educational election simulation, including casting class ballots to decide who we want to hold class offices this year. We will split into parties like the ones we listed before and then hold jobs in the party you are in. The options are candidate, speech writer, publicist manager, and campaign manager. Some students will share jobs. On Wednesday Maartje Kaasdorp brought in her passport to show the kids the stamps you get when you go to another country, some of her trips include Hong Kong and Canada.


We have split up into reading partnerships. The students each read the same books and talk about them once they’re done. The idea is to be able to take in information, understand it, and create a summary. Each child and partner should have their book read in 2 to 3 weeks, so please ask your children if they should do extra reading homework.


The students have all transferred to typing their realistic fiction stories on the Chromebooks and are working to edit and perfect their stories. The Chromebooks make it easier to get words out and edit. The students send the pieces to Mr. B and Mrs. Carroll and they gives them feedback. The children are finishing their stories and if they feel comfortable to do so should read them out loud to an adult, to help with feedback.


In art the students went on a field trip to Oxbow Park (as you know) and created land art pieces. We have now been studying the book “The 3 Questions” and have created watercolor renderings of the illustrations in the book. The illustrations in the book are very beautiful. If you come to the school, you can look for your child’s art piece hanging on the wall.


The students are split up into different math classes depending on what level math they are doing. For example, if your child is in Mrs. Dawkin’s math class, they are in 5th grade math. Some math classes all work on the same lesson, and others are independent.

Morning Meeting

In morning meeting the class has been giving compliments. This helps show respect to our peer. Morning meeting has also been a time to look over the schedule, make important announcements and resolve conflicts.

Read Aloud

Mr. B has read many books, some including Poppy by Avi, and Save me a seat by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan. The students are very attentive.


In vocab every Monday we study new and maybe old words (the subject of other vocab searches). This weeks words are trundle, engulf, quiver, and impatient.

The idiom of the week is “stop cold.” (You can guess what that means!!) We have fun guessing what the idiom of the week means.

The Kids!!!

P.S if you’re reading this I like pie. Pie is good. You should always eat pie. 🙂

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