February 21, 2018

Halloween, Manors, Hydraulic Arms and The Plague!!!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!  Don’t forget, we all are learning western European geography.  We spent a week making a map and identifying twenty countries to learn, along with their capitals.  We will take a quiz every Thursday until we get a 90% or better.   Today was our third attempt.  I got a 95% on the first try!

This week Mr. Leone started us on the study of the middle ages. So far he has been only teaching us the basics, like what a feudal hierarchy is and going over what a manor is.  This brings me to the next topic. Still related to the middle ages, we have been put into our manors. Mr. Leone is our king, we have been divided into five different manors to make this study more fun. Each manor has one lord. We also get to choose our own medieval name! Mine happens to be Adele, wife of a forest keeper. Of course, girls didn’t have jobs back then so instead of working  we stay at home. So far this new historic topic has been a blast!

Moving on to our next topic, science, we have just finished building a hydraulic arm that will lift up a cup with pennies in it. my group got to a total of fifteen pennies. To build this we had limited resources, such as duct tape, Syringes, card board, popsicle sticks and of course water. Also in science we have just started the study of cells. this week we were looking at animal cells specifically.

The last thing that I am going to talk about is our read aloud book, The Plague. Our class has just finished the first side of the double sided book. This book also plugs in to our learning of the middle ages, you can easily figure that out by the title of this book.

hope you have a great weekend,

your friend, Annabel


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