February 24, 2018

The life of a Surfer, Excuse me, a Serf. by Jessica green

Greetings and salutations. This was a very medieval week. We got to choose our topics for the fun and exciting medieval banquet next month, which is when we get to eat medieval food, wear medieval garb, and even shoot something from a catapult. Some of the topics we got to pick were about clothing, or hunting, even just the history.

The most important thing going on with the medieval project right now is the research paper.  In addition to using websites for information, we need to actually use a book for our research too.  Ask your student about this important assignment

With this simulation we got to be serfs, or peasants, and even knights! King Peter chose us manors, That we were happy about, then we got into our manors and our lord told us what to do.  My favorite thing from the medieval simulation is the black plague cards, What are those you may ask? Well, they are little slips of paper that determine wether or not we win feudal farthings, or lose them. feudal farthings are our money. at the end of the sim we have an auction and you can “buy” things with these feudal farthings.

Speaking Of! Corbett performing arts club advertised a show called A midsummer nights dream, Which I myself am in. at morning meeting a few high schoolers entertained us by doing one of my favorite scenes, The lovers fight scene. Lets just say we couldn’t stop laughing. The play is done to Beatles music, and if you dont know who the beatles are, you must live under a rock.

Well, thats how awesome our week was, we all had a great time, this is Jessica, signing off…


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