February 19, 2018

I Enjoyed…


This month has sure been crazy. It was great to get back in the rhythm of school, return to the normalcy of our day, and pick up where we left out with our studies of natural disasters in reading, argumentative thesis papers in writing, world geography, math, and fun weekly speaking activities. Here are the highlights of the week, according to the students themselves:

Dylan: I enjoyed recess because we played tag and it was fun.

Brenna: I enjoyed study hall because I was so close to finishing my quiz.

Lizzie: I enjoyed morning meeting because the Password game was fun.

Nick: I enjoyed music because I enjoy playing clarinet

Italy: I enjoyed reading this week because I found a book I actually like.

Mac: I liked Nitro Type because it’s fun.

Olivia: I enjoyed Morning Meeting because we won the Big Cheese Award.

Annie: I enjoyed snacks because they served scones.

Ruth: I enjoyed speaking (activity) this week because we played with the Apples to Apples cards.

Alex D: I enjoyed lunch because it’s good.

Isabella: I enjoyed geography because it’s fun to see what everybody is doing with their thing (continent).

Abel: I enjoyed when Austin came for P.E.

Braxton: I enjoyed playing football.

Brenna: I enjoyed geography because we got a new continent (to study).

Hazel: I enjoyed P.E. because it was really fun playing Dodgeball because the balls weren’t hard.

Aiden: I enjoyed P.E. because I like getting my energy out during school.

Abigail: I enjoyed geography this week because we get to learn about continents and travel the world.

Jacob: I enjoyed recess because I played four square.

Grace: I enjoyed writing because I think it’s really fun to interact with a lot people while you’re doing a topic.

Jordan: I enjoyed Austin coming to play P.E. with us.

Lisa: I enjoyed reading because I liked reading about the natural disasters.

Tim: I liked lunch because the food was great.

Alex Kinnear: I enjoyed P.E. this week because didn’t play a game we usually play.

Corniliy: I enjoyed P.E. this week because we played dodgeball.

Jaiden: I enjoyed Study Hall because it was just something fun to do.

Isabel: I enjoyed speaking because we had lots of fun.

Deanna: I liked recess, playing on the swing.

Mr. B: I enjoyed seeing the students immerse themselves in learning about natural disasters and geography.


Idiom of the Week: Keep Posted

Vocabulary of the Week: transparent, thoroughly, document, advisory


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