February 19, 2018

Medici System! Week 23 by Hailey Pinjagic

Every week one student in our class gets to sit out the super quiz and write the weekly update.  This week’s update was done by 6th grader Hailey Pinjagic.  Thanks, Hailey!

Hi! How was your day? This week was a tough week. We did a lot, I’m surprised that I’m still alive, but…life goes on and on and on. Well, you get the point. This week we finished watching the Medici video which was great. We took a lot of notes, and by a lot I mean a lot. The thing about the Medici, their lives were messed up big time.  They knew a guy that whipped himself. That is strange and a little creepy, but enough about the Medici. You want to see what our class did this week?

This week we learned all about the nervous system.  A cool fact that you might not know is the nerve running down the spinal cord is as thick as your  pointer finger. And if you put all your nerves together and stretch them out they would be able to wrap around the world twice.  AMAZING!!  We did Jeopardy. My team lost but we tried.   I am pretty sure I totally forgot stuff already, so I should go study now so I don’t fail. Hope to see you around!

Bye, and don’t get paralyzed!

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