February 19, 2018

Lead in Drinking Water: Continuing Update

The Corbett School District continues to monitor and test for lead in drinking water.  This month a third round of samples were submitted to PIXIS Labs, with the number of samples increased to 64.  The results inform us that all samples were below the level requiring action.

The District is sharing the results of these most recent tests by: clicking here for Part 1 and here for Part 2, via email notice, and posted in the District Office.

Previous test results can be found by typing Lead in Drinking Water in the search bar of this website, and are available in the District Office.  The District takes this issue very seriously and will continue to monitor lead levels and share results as they become available.

About Debbie Schneider

Debbie Schneider has been an employee of the Corbett School District since 2008. Currently a Business Office Assistant, she was previously the Middle School / High School Office Secretary. She enjoys volunteering with the Corbett Helping Hands Food Program and encouraging the local fine arts community.