February 19, 2018

Week 27 by Kanani Scarratt

This week we have done some of the following: 8th grade speeches, renaissance group presentations, learned about the respiratory system, and for read aloud Leone is reading to us, The House of Scorpion.

Let me talk about some of the highlights of this week. There were lots of 8th grade speeches that were good but my person favorites were, Ryan’s, and Ben’s.   I liked Ryan’s because I feel like it had lots of unique things that people wouldn’t know exactly what he was going through but still still understand the struggles that he was going through. He talked about the to not be someone your not and to let your true colors shine. I liked Ben’s because he addd lots of personal, yet you knew perfectly what he was going through and felt what he was trying to say.

For our renaissance group projects we had these following subjects, art and architecture, science and technology, government and politics, and some other important things. Each one had to do a speech in the group, they had to have a note taking sheet, hands on activity, and an assessment. I feel like they all did great even though some were shorter than others.

In the book, El patron is matts real form matt is just a clone of him. El patron got ill and is having a rough time but matt is helping him out. Matt is in love with cellia, but she cant be with him because he’s a clone. They are all going trough many struggles but I know they will work it out.

For the respiratory, we learned about many things about the main thing we take for granted, breathing, and how the body works with that.

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